Q: The program ends because it says I haven't got a license.
A: Licensing is done via Google. I don't control it. Restart application and/or try later again.

Q:Can I get the program differently than via Credit-Card?
A:All Payment Options are offered through Google. If you don't have a Credit Card, I don't think you can buy the program. Sorry.

Q: I'd like to request a feature!
A: Write me an Email!

Q: My AVR is not reacting.
A: Try quitting the Application or Reconnecting. If it's still not working, check WIFI and switch your AVR off and on.

Q: When I press a specific button, my AVR does nothing. The rest works, tough.
A: Altough my program offers a lot of features, not all features are supported by all AVR's. Try and see which ones work. Source/Volume/Listeningmode etc (The beginning-screen) should always work.